West Coast Pilates and Fitness
Rates and Classes

Pilates sessions are now available during the following days/times:

Weekdays - 6:30am to 8:30pm
Weekends - 7am to 1pm



Pilates Reformer Sessions
$50     -  45 minutes (private one on one)(No discounts)
$65     -  55 minutes (private one on one)
$40pp -  55 minutes
(two clients together $40 per person)
$25(+/-)50 minutes (PPO Co-insurance if applicable)*

10% discounts apply (for private 55 minute sessions only) to employee's of Fox, Sony, AMC. To register your company please contact me.

*We accept most PPO insurance plans. For more information regarding rates, discounts and PPO insurance options p
lease contact Elyse at 310-351-1464 or elysewest@hotmail.com

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